The intertwining of Portugal and India began in 1505. The Portuguese influence spread across various parts of India over four centuries, effectively known as ‘Estado da India’, or ‘The State of India’.

These two cultures, each with their own respective customs and traditions (the Portuguese with their fiery thirst for life, and Indians with their relentless spirituality), resulted in a new fiery, high-spirited people, the Luso-Indians. With their rich culture, stunning artwork, and bold recipes.

To celebrate the union of these two cultures, we’ve created something Birmingham hasn’t seen before – Estado da India. Something uniquely our own, and completely new…


Estado da India is the perfect interlace of Portugal and India, so it’s no surprise you’ll find the national flower of India, the Lotus, everywhere. With its profoundly spiritual meaning of enlightenment, the Lotus rises up against all odds – through the mud – to bloom.

Portuguese India is very much the same. Despite a muddy colonial history, a new, beautiful culture blossomed. The Luso-Indian heritage is a product of the explorative nature that led to Portugal and India’s intertwining.

So when you first walk into Estado da India, we hope you feel that sense of adventure in every artistic detail. We want you to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, savor the delicious flavors that make up every dish, and take in the rich blend of spices that fill every corner of the room.

At Estado da India, friends old and new gather to raise a glass. So go on – grab a friend, grab a drink, and stay as long as you like.

When the Portuguese arrived in India, they didn’t come empty-handed – they brought spices. So go ahead, try the perfect combination of both countries on one plate. Whatever you choose, you write the next chapter.


Nothing heats up a date like a fiery sense of adventure. So grab that special person and immerse yourselves in the captivating atmosphere. Leave the outside world at the door, and dine out on delectable dishes and strong drinks.

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A taste of Portuguese India doesn’t have to include a plane ride anymore. Estado da India is the perfect combination of vibrant colours, intricate patterns, iconic imagery, and of course, comforting smells and flavours.